Atomnation - Madrid

Argia is the alter ego of Helena Piti a Spanish DJ and producer who’s been involved with music since she can remember. She’s studied piano and double bass at the conservatory and evolved into more electronic rhythms with time.

At this time, she’s focused entirely to her passion: making music. Argia is a self-made producer with great confident energy, she finds in her sets and productions a way to express himself and work with her creativity constantly. 

She has signed works with Atomnation, Stil Vor Talent, Sincopat or DUAT, generating positive reviews of her latests releases. Now in 2022nd, she has upcoming music on Equanimity by Melodic Diggers, Atomnation or Mumbai Records. 

 Argia has performed in many events & clubs; featuring Watergate, about:blank Berlin and her monthly residency at well known Mondo Disko, in Madrid.



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Argia Argia