Fango Live Band

Fangodischi - Venice

Fango Live Band is the Fango's new project, playing with a real band; guitar, drums and bass plus samples and electronic tracks. On drums Nicola Zanetti aka Fango, the DJ and producer from Venice who, according to Michael Mayer, is “the hottest thing in the 4/4 business right now”. He plays an old big sized ’76 Ludwig drumkit that sounds fat and deep. Lorenzo Petri is the guitar player - a musician who mods his guitars himself in order to get the right sound for every project he plays in. Davide Cairo, a musician and composer for the new media, takes care of the electronic part and samples. Then we have Michele Zavan, a skilled bass player and a well known cook too. They will play some of the best Fango tracks, one hour of non stop live music, 124 bpm, no breaks, all for dancing.


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