Fantastic Twins

Optimo Music, Microdosing, Hippie Dance, Berlin

It’s all a big imaginary choreography. All she does. This delicate French girl called Julienne Dessagne. She is from Saint-Étienne. She has been in Glasgow for a while. Hung out in London, and is now stationed in Berlin. In-between she visited the sky and started a project called The Twins that got reborn in 2017 as Fantastic Twins – a double-headed alias for psychedelic techno and avant-electronica.

Her music sees the light of the day mainly on Optimo Music and their various sublabels. Beside releasing it, she also performs live around the world in clubs like Robert Johnson, Concrete, and festivals like Mira (ES) or Dancity (IT). As if that were not enough, she is about to release music by like-minded friends with the launch of her very own label, called Microdosing.

Live or on another medium: she always seduces with a very personal, hard to pigeonhole sound. Her style knows techno, has spheres of house, loves cutting edge electronics, and leads you into blurry wave territories, while somehow dancing - Pop without being apparent. Suspenseful story-telling - propulsive and fragile at the same time.

For all further booking requests for Fantastic Twins please contact Spun Out agency.



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