Gui Boratto

DOC / Kompakt - Sao Paolo

If you had to choose just one driving force behind the rise of Brazilian electronic music in the
past 15 years, it would be difficult to look beyond the genius of Gui Boratto. A pioneer in the
art of production and live performance, Boratto is at the heart of the electronic scene in
Brazil with an influence that reaches across the globe.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Boratto began working as a producer, audio engineer and multi-
instrumentalist in the early 90s with credits on countless releases for major and
independent record labels working alongside Pato Banton, Garth Brooks, Steel Pulse,
Desiree and Manu Chao to name just a few. Despite a successful career behind the scenes,
the creative urge proved too strong for Boratto and before long he began dedicating himself
to producing his own music in the studio. After a string of notable releases on the likes of
Plastic City, Audiomatique and Circle, Gui's first full-length album, the highly acclaimed
‘Chromophobia’, was released in 2007 through the Cologne-based German label Kompakt.
His association with seminal label Kompakt has continued to flourish over the past decade.

With 5 full-length albums to his name, frequent high-profile remix and production credits -
Massive Attack, Bomb The Bass, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, Moby, Paul Simon amongst
others – and an innovative live show that sees him tour iconic venues across the globe each
year, Boratto has firmly established himself as Brazil’s biggest electronic music export.

Nurturing up and coming Brazilian talent remains an essential part of what Boratto does and
his music label D.O.C. was founded in 2013, distributed by Gui's musical home Kompakt. He
continues to work with many rising stars in his capacity as co-producer - L_CIO, Shadow
Movement and Elekfantz to name just a handful of recent collaborators.



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