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Pachanga Boys, Hippie Dance, TOPAZdeluxe, M.N. Roy and Mayan Warrior are some of the projects Rebolledo is involved in as “Experience Designer” sharing his forward thinking vision. Foremost, he believes in music beyond boundaries, collecting material from all corners of the world and showing how you can tell a story with those apparently unconnected records. His sound is propelled forward by psychedelic beats and rippling synthetic basslines that induce trance like states. Whether it’s his solo or collaborative efforts, Rebolledo has always been a maverick presence in underground dance culture.

Mauricio Rebolledo’s unique signature as both a dj and a producer is exhibited by his early releases on Cómeme including his singular 2011 debut album ‘Super Vato’, trough to his latest album ‘Mondo Alterado’ from 2016 and his work as fifty percent of the notorious duo Pachanga Boys. In 2010 Mauricio joined forces with Aksel Schaufler (aka Superpitcher) giving birth to this project. They first presented their unique style on a couple of Kompakt Total compilations. Not long after, they conceived their own label ‘Hippie Dance’ to have full creative freedom, on which they released some cult EP’s including iconic tracks such as ‘Time’, ‘Black Naga’ and ‘Poem For The Youth’, as well as their first album ‘We Are Really Sorry’ in 2012.

Rebolledo returned to Kompakt with his 2014 Mix CD called ‘Momento Drive’, which was part of that year’s Top Ten Mix CDs list by Resident Advisor, and Included the single ‘Windsurf, Sunburn and Dollar’ which was number one on that year's Spin Magazine list of best Dance Songs. Rebolledo’s exotic style has also build a strong connection to the fashion world, his tracks have been used by brands like Chanel, Maison Martin Margiela, Versace, Karl by Karl Lagerfeld, as soundtrack of their runways. Over the years, solo and as Pachanga Boys, he has released several acclaimed remixes to a diverse selection of artists such as Röyksopp, Tiga, John Talabot, Pional, Jagwar Ma and Fango to name a few.

As a partner of two of the most iconic clubs in Mexico, M.N. Roy in Mexico City, the now classic TOPAZdeluxe in Monterrey and as a main collaborator of the Mayan Warrior project he has pushed the music culture beyond his own performances. In 2015 Rebolledo was included in the FORBES Magazine list of the fifty Mexican creatives with the most worldwide influence. In 2017 his reworks album ´Mondo Re Alterado´ includes collaborations with great artists such as Superpitcher, DJ Tennis, Maceo Plex and Red Axes among others.



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